Walking to Lose Pounds and Inches

A good walking regiment will definitely help you drop the unwanted pounds and inches when combined with a sensible diet. Moderate to vigorous intensity = the best benefits from exercise*** Walking added to fewer calories consumed through healthy dietary changes…

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Sigmund Frued

Consequences of Emotional Eating

Sometimes health risks are fueled by emotional eating which includes binge eating and overeating. Until we understand emotional or binge eating it is nearly impossible to successfully get rid of the unwanted weight.  It can also be the issues preventing...
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Do your words trigger positive or negative results?

During the dieting process it is important to carefully choose your words.  Eliminate the words ‘cheat’ and any variation or the word ‘binge’ as they trigger other negative responses which can prompt you to feel guilty and have you take…

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Buy Fresh.Buy Local

Enjoy Fresh Produce Year Round

Shop at Your Local Farmer’s Market Turn shopping at your local Farmer’s Market into a weekly every year round. Gather up your family and friends and make it a regular outing to visit the many neighborhood local Farmer’s Market of…

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Shrink Workout

Shrink Session – Tone Your Body

ARE YOU READY TO… 1. Look in the mirror and love the way you look? 2. Feel confident and trust the unique who that you are? 3. Have a sense of ease about your body that will reflect back in…

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Banana with chocolate sprinkles

Reward Yourself With Healthy Treats

Regardless of whether you’re working to reach your ideal weight or maintaining your weight, it’s important to allow yourself a treat now and again. However, it’s the treat that you choose that makes the difference. Find ways to modify your…

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Body Believes what You say

Your Body Believes What You Say

Your body believes everything you say as it sends a message to your mind.. Instead of feeding your mind with negative thinking such as  ‘I am fat’, ‘I am overweight’   ‘I will never lose this weight’ start to add positive…

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Young beautiful women eating cake with cherry

Are You An Emotional Eater?

If you are an emotional eater it’s time you realized emotional eating makes it impossible to achieve long term weight loss regardless of your desire, your hope or your intentions? Each day when confronted with life’s challenges at work, with…

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