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The more you know the easier it is to select what works best for you.

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Eat The Food You Enjoy While Losing Weight

Portion Control WEIGHT LOSSYes!  Our title is jaw-dropping but the eat-what-you-want principle is completely true…with a few caveats.  The key behind this bold statement is portion control.

A great starting point is to follow the portion control guidelines shown here and selecting any of proven weight loss programs featured on Skinny Times. They have helped thousands attain their weight loss goals.   It is really quite easy when you have the right tools and that includes your hand.

All You Need is Your Hand: Adhere to the recommended portion sizes by referring to your hand at each meal and snack time to help you adhere to the recommended portion sizes.  Here are the major food groups and their handy portion equivalents to help you keep you on track.

Breads: Full Hand
High-five! A hand’s length of bread is to equal a single serving. That’s about 1 ounce which translates to 1 slice of bread, 1/2 a bagel or 1/2 bun. Other visual references include an index card and a CD case.

Meats & Proteins: Palm
Your daily meat portion corresponds to the size of your palm per serving or about 2-3 oz.  Other visual references:  Deck of cards, Computer mouse, Checkbook (for fish)

Veggies, Rice, Pasta, Fruits: Fist
A woman’s fist is equal to about a cup and that just happens to be the serving size for veggies, rice, pasta and fruits. You should have 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies, and enough rice and pasta to get you to your 6-oz. goal.  Other visual references: Billiard ball, tennis ball, 7 cotton balls (cut fruit or veggies)

Fats: Fingertip
Not to point out the obvious, but you should be eating the least amount of fat. Just a fingertip portion should do it!

Follow these guidelines; add a form of exercise 3-4x’s a week and you are on your way to your ideal, healthy weight.

Add Fitness Into Your Schedule
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