Reward Yourself With Healthy Treats

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Regardless of whether you’re working to reach your ideal weight or maintaining your weight, it’s important to allow yourself a treat now and again. However, it’s the treat that you choose that makes the difference.

Find ways to modify your treats.

Banana with chocolate sprinkles jpg 150x150 Reward Yourself With Healthy TreatsWhen you want something sweet for your next treat or snack try this instead of downing a chocolate bar followed with the guilt. .

Slice a banana and sprinkled a small handful of semi-dark chocolate over i.  You have the same sweet satisfaction without the guilt or deprivation.

Finding healthy treats that don’t feel like punishment are important to your success.   Kids love this little treat as well.

Since the av Reward Yourself With Healthy Treatserage American will eat close to 25% of their calories from snacking why not make it a healthy snack. to have in the house for anytime days and especially for the busy, active days.
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