Consequences of Emotional Eating

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Sometimes health risks are fueled by emotional eating which includes binge eating and overeating. Until we understand emotional or binge eating it is nearly impossible to successfully get rid of the unwanted weight.  It can also be the issues preventing you from keeping it off when we do lose it.

Sigmund Frued Consequences of Emotional Eating

Is your emotional eating adversely affecting any of your relationships?

Stress in a relationship (any relationship) is one of the most common triggers for emotional eating.  Once in a while It can be thought of as normal to seek out food.  However when it becomes the primary way you resolve issues is when it becomes taxing  on the relationship.

Do you find yourself turning to food at the first or second sign of tension with a friend, spouse, family member of co-worker instead of working through the issue in a non-food way?  By looking to food the problem will only pile up in that relationship which in turn builds tension that often leads to tempers flaring.   When you allow turning to food for solace it will become the norm.  This prevents you from learning or using the necessary skills of communication to solve issues or from getting your needs met.   Unfortunately this makes the issues bigger and not better.

Get in the habit of taking your relationship issues out of the kitchen or snack shop and into the living room or conference room.  Your relationships and your body will thank you for it!


 Consequences of Emotional Eating

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