Walking to Lose Pounds and Inches

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fsm7 walker 300x300 300x300 Walking to Lose Pounds and InchesA good walking regiment will definitely help you drop the unwanted pounds and inches when combined with a sensible diet.

Moderate to vigorous intensity = the best benefits from exercise***
Walking added to fewer calories consumed through healthy dietary changes generally promotes more efficient weight loss depending on the duration and intensity of the walk.

Add 30 minutes of brisk walking into your day and you could be burning in the area of 150 calories a day? (To lose a pound a week you need to eliminate 500 calories a day). It is best to walk 30 minutes at one time but it’s also beneficial to break it into 10 minute time intervals.

*** New to Exercise:  start out at a light intensity and gradually build to the moderate or vigorous intensity suggested.

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