Seriously? How many steps do you suggest I walk per day?

For fitness, weight control and heart health it is recommended one walk a whopping  10,000 steps most days of the week. Yikes was my first response. Let’s break that down to decide if that is big deal or not.  Can…

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Weight Management: Cut Down On Screen Time

More time being sedentary = more likely to be overweight or obese. When you reduce the time you spend being sedentary it will help you manage your body weight and shape.  This includes watching TV and time on your computer….

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Working Out In The Morning Is Good For You!

Whether you opt in for home exercise, yoga, Pilates, a run or a trip to the gym pat yourself on the back if you are already making time to exercise on a regular basis.  We know it’s so easy for…

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Posing in Cool Sportswear

Become a Fitness Babe

Raise your hand or nod your head yes if you agree exercise is essential for your overall health and wellness. Benefits of exercise include it being perfect for losing weight, maintaining a reasonable body weight and boosting your metabolic rate…

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Laughter can help make you thin.

Laugh Yourself Slim

Those of us who have been overweight know it can make us feel miserable.  Diet and exercise are crucial to help us shed the unwanted pounds and keep them off.  Did you know enjoying a good laugh can also help…

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5 Ways to Break through Dreaded Weight Loss Plateaus

SkinnyTimes is proud to announce we’ve become a beach body coach and now offer the outstanding Beachbody products. Learn more about all the BEACHBODY products.       5 Ways to Break through Dreaded Weight Loss Plateaus Justine Holberg –…

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SkinnyTimes.Exercise Excuse

What’s Your Excuse For Not Exercising

We can all be creative with excuses why we do not exercise. These excuses serve a simple purpose: to get us out of exercising and to relieve some of the guilt associated with not doing what we said we were…

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How To Lose Leg Fat in 30 Days

Skinny Times continues to bring articles of interest to our valued site visitors.  Since having great looking legs is important to every women we’re posting this article. How To Lose Leg Fat in 30 Days By Leslie Truex Photo Credit…

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Get Strong by Squatting

If you’re new to exercise, working out can be intimidating. The trick is to begin with exercises you can build on. Let’s start with the legs. After all, they help support our bodies in the most basic of activities —…

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Walking to Lose Pounds and Inches

A good walking regiment will definitely help you drop the unwanted pounds and inches when combined with a sensible diet. Moderate to vigorous intensity = the best benefits from exercise*** Walking added to fewer calories consumed through healthy dietary changes…

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