Do your words trigger positive or negative results?

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think 225x300 Do your words trigger positive or negative results?During the dieting process it is important to carefully choose your words.  Eliminate the words ‘cheat’ and any variation or the word ‘binge’ as they trigger other negative responses which can prompt you to feel guilty and have you take your eye off your goals.  This then may cause you to give up and return to your poor eating habits only to gain back the pounds you may have lost.

Avoid this by choosing your words.

Replace cheat or binge with positive thinking and words like higher calorie day, treat, reward day or free day.   Alternatively make up your own words… just keep them positive and rewarding not negative and accusatory.

There is one boundary requirement and that is that you keep a calorie limit on the treat or the day.  It is important not to go off on a 3, 4 or 5,000 calorie day as it will have the same negative reaction as using negative words.   Decide what you will eat, know the nutritional values and then go enjoy your treat.   For example:  if you are currently on a 1,000 calories per day bump it up to 1500 or 2000 but no more.

We also suggest you reward yourself with a treat each day… making sure it fits within the calorie range for that day.

It is important you do not feel deprived or guilty as this could trigger binge eating.

We refer back to portion control and everything in moderation… both at key to your best results.



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