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Pennington Biomedical Research Center.
This recent study about online weight loss concludes the online weight loss approach is better than other approaches and increases the chances of people changing their behavior.
This study tested how well an interactive website that focused on teaching people to be healthier could help with weight loss compared to a health website that wasn’t interactive. The study involved 57 overweight 13 year old girls and 40 parents who were also overweight.
•  After 6 months, as you probably guessed, the researchers found that the interactive health website was more effective than the website that wasn’t interactive.
• The teenagers lost over twice as much body fat when using the interactive website after the first 6 months.
•  Their parents lost over 6 times as much body weight in that time.

This study strongly suggests that the internet can be used to change people’s behavior in a way that leads to weight loss especially if the website is interactive and isn’t a plain information website.

Is An Online Weight Loss Program Right For You?

For any of you who are hearing about online weight loss programs for the first time you may be wondering if they really work and they are worth it.  The answer is YES.  Just put the work in on your time schedule to get the reward you deserve.

The featured programs provide daily menus and tools to log what you eat and your exercise which keeps you motivated.  Many also include healthy recipes, fun workouts, helpful tips and think thin workshops.

Are you pressed for time?  Online programs may be the weight loss solutions you’ve been looking for.   They’re an excellent alternative to doctor visits and local weight loss meetings that often take up hours of your week that you cannot afford to give up.

When choosing an online weight loss program choose one with features that fit you and your lifestyle. We’re confident you will find a program that works best for you right here on SkinnyTimes.

A Study Reveals People Stick with Internet Programs


A study done in Sharnbrook, England was designed to see how well people would stick with an online weight loss program. This study lasted for 12 weeks and involved 222 people. Researchers were able to track how many times people came to the website and they were even able to track how much exercise they got. They found that after 12 weeks an incredible 78% of people stuck with the program and 69% stuck with the program for even longer.
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Delivered To Your Door

Signing up for a meal or food delivery service hardly means you’ll never set foot in a supermarket again. It can however help you learn what to eat, portion control to guide your weight loss efforts. Delivered meal plans continue to help a growing number of people who want to lose weight.  No more recipes, shopping lists and preparation.  Skip ahead and receive ready to heat and serve breakfast, lunch and dinners to your doorstep.  Meals delivered is well worth the investment in you and your weight loss success.

nutri logo 120x90 Diet Plans. Weight Loss How It Works:   Make a few food choice decisions and wait for the breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts to show up at your doorstep then dig in. You’ll only have to swing by the supermarket to pick up the mandatory fruits, veggies, protein, and dairy products of your liking to supplement Nutrisystem’s packaged meals.  Eat five to six times per day. Some plans are gender-specific for adults, seniors, diabetics, and vegetarians.

For Attn: Women and Men

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Prepared Fresh Meals

logo Diet Plans. Weight Loss is the easiest way to have FRESH, customized, nutritionally balanced, chef-prepared, doctor-supervised diet food delivered to your door to help you drop the unwanted pounds and inches in a healthy manner without giving up the pleasure of eating delicious food.

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  • Eat the food and lose the weight
  • Satisfying portions, fewer calories for quick & easy weight loss
  • No shopping, no cooking, no clean up
  • Choice and variety keep you motivated
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More Weight Loss Options

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