Weight Management: Cut Down On Screen Time

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More time being sedentary = more likely to be overweight or obese.

When you reduce the time you spend being sedentary it will help you manage your body weight and shape.  This includes watching TV and time on your computer.

LoseWeight.CutDownOnScreenTime Weight Management:  Cut Down On Screen Time

Yes, it can be difficult if not impossible to cut down time spent on the computer for work or school but you can decrease time spent in front of all screen evenings and weekends.

How to get started decreasing screen time.

  • Television:
    • Add physical activity when you are in front of the TV.  Walk in place or on a treadmill, do yoga or Pilates (I keep a mat on the floor in front of the TV to remind me), pick up those weights and tone your arms, do sit ups, get up and do aerobic exercise (like jumping jacks) during the commercials.  Soon this will become habit.
    • Eliminate eating in front of the TV.  This falls under the category of ‘mindless eating’.  You are not paying attention to what or how much you are eating until suddenly the bag or the bowl is empty vs. stopping when you have had enough. If you must eat and watch TV portion it out and do not go back for 2nds and/or 3rds.
    • Keep a log
      • Do you know how much time you spend in front of the TV or your computer.  Start today to log those house (outside of work or school)
      • Budget Your Time
        • Set a time limit daily and/or weekly to help you reduce your screen time. What are the shows you want to watch.  Write down alternative activities vs. screen time like walking with a friend, playing with the kids and/or the pup, etc.

You can overcome the excuses such as you are too tired after work.  Start by making small changes.  Eliminate just one program and use the time for doing an activity you enjoy and will look forward such as playing with the kids or being active with a friend or family member will help you create a new healthy routine to vs. vegging on the couch.

Before long you will be surprised how much less time you spend in front of a screen.  Soon you’ll watch the scale number go down and your clothing fit better.

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