Working Out In The Morning Is Good For You!

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wake up be awesome Working Out In The Morning Is Good For You! Whether you opt in for home exercise, yoga, Pilates, a run or a trip to the gym pat yourself on the back if you are already making time to exercise on a regular basis.  We know it’s so easy for our busy lives to interfere with finding time to work out.   Making an appointment with yourself by marking your calendar is a surefire way to fit in time for you!  Another help would be to set your alarm clock 30 to 60 minutes earlier and push yourself to get out and about and complete a workout routine.

In addition to a morning workout getting you physically fit it also include other added benefits.

  1. Keep to your diet.  Working out in the am sets you in positive gear and helps you stay motivated to stick to your diet as you make healthy choices throughout the day. It reduces the chance of eating junk food since you’ll strive to remain in ‘positive mode’
  2. Metabolism jump start.     When working out in the am the calorie burning machine starts and continues to burn calories throughout the day.   Start working out in the morning to reap the benefits of burning throughout the day.
  3. Boost your productivity.   For sure working out in the morning will wake up you I-Feel-Good hormone.  This makes you more alert and ready and able to tackle the tasks of the day. You’ll be amazed how many hours your am exercise will increase your mental clarity.
  4. Eliminate dreading having to figure out when you’ll find time to work out for the rest of the day.  We’ve all been there.  Unfortunately dreading it usually results in not doing it. You know exactly what I’m speaking about.
  5. ZZZ’s improve.   When you exercise in the am it will improve the quality of your sleep.  Studies have shown waking up and exercising early in the day improves your sleep vs. exercising in the pm.  Did you know that exercise energizes you making it more of a challenge to relax and fall into a quiet sleep.  (the one exception is hot yoga which can have you falling into a deep sleep while standing J )
  6. You’ll have nothing to dread the rest of the day. Things are only getting better. And less sweaty!
    1. Enjoy naturally glowing skin.  You wake up your skin cells and enjoy a ‘look ma, no makeup!” glow.

We know the decision to forgo hitting the snooze button and getting out of bed for some mind-body feel good morning exercise can take enormous will power and discipline.

We hope our reasons and tips help make working out in the am a little easier.

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