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Regardless of the weight loss program you select each of the programs featured on SkinnyTimes will help and support you along the way.

Green.scarf .runnng Weight Loss Strategies Get ready to reach your goals using the following strategies,  Change your habits and rules and you will change your unhealthy eating habits and your weight loss issues.

Feeling Hungry?

  • Take a few deep breaths – inhale in through your nose – out through your mouth.
  • Wait 20 minutes before giving into to feeling hungry
  • Drink water to test if it’s true hunger or if you are thirsty.
  • Learn to experience a little hunger now and again. You won’t die from it!

Eating and Drinking  

  • Remove all tempting foods from home and office.
  • Use smaller dishes and utensils.
  • Ask friends and family for their help.
  • Be strong; say “No thanks!” to foods you want to avoid.
  • Stay focused on what you are eating. Avoid eating while working and definitely do not eat in front of the TV.
  • Chew your food well – eat slowly.
  • Put your utensils down between each bite… you WILL eat less!
  • Natural, whole food is best.   Choose food with minimal preservatives.
  • Avoid alcohol.  It lowers your resistance, makes you eat more and stops burning fat.

Fight Cravings and Snacking

  • Go with a low or no-calorie alternative+ such as celery and/or carrots, a few almonds or other natural treat.An average American eats 600 calories of snack food per day. Find out how you can cut out junk food.
  • Maintain Integrity. You promised yourself. — ‘No’ is ‘No’.
  • Get busy, do something else. (remember take deep breaths and drink some water)
  • Move away from the craving trigger. (You know what they are for you!)
  • Compliment yourself on succeeding.

Planning is the Key: (shopping and eating out)

  • Grocery Shopping
    • Plan your dinners a week in advance
    • Make a list before grocery shopping and stick to it.
    • Avoid grocery shopping when you are hungry or stressed as it is easier to give into the temptation
  • Restaurant
    • Know ahead what you’ll be eating. When the restaurant menu is online… have a look before you go and decide what you want OR at least decide what to order before the waiter comes
    • Order less
    • Share your selections especially the main dish

Special Strategy:  To avoid overeating ask the waiter to wrap up half of your selections before you start eating.     Out of sight – out of mind.   It does work!

Stop fooling yourself by thinking or saying the following:

  • I’ll only eat this one time.
  • I don’t want to waste it.
  • It’s a special occasion.
  • I’ll go back on the program tomorrow.
  • “It tastes good! I want it! I deserve it!

and then asking yourself…

kittyinflowerpot 300x235 Weight Loss Strategies







INSTEAD:  Ask yourself:  What is more important eating this or reaching my goal weight? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the answer and the actions that follow.

Create new rules.   Start by believing in yourself.

  • I am strong, I can do this.
  • I don’t care what people think, my health is more important.
  • Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.
  • Eating doesn’t make me feel better when I am upset, it only masks the problem.
  • My situation will not improve after I give in.
  • Problems will arise but I now solve them without food.


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