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Flatten Your Stomach While You Drive

Woman Driving Flatten Your Stomach While You Drive We’re pleased to feature Isometric exercise known as ‘ab vacuums’ which tense the muscles without moving them.

This exercise can easily be performed without special equipment and can be done anytime not just while driving.  Perform your ‘ab vacs’ while doing housework, at your desk or standing, watching television, at the movies  – anytime that is convenient and safe.   It’s especially helpful to women who want to shrink and tighten their abs and waistline.  The more frequent you do the exercise the sooner you will see results and when you incorporate this with regular abdominal training and cardio the results will be faster.  This exercise does not ‘increase fat burning’ but it will flatten those abs.

Take advantage of your lifestyle to get flatter, tighter abs.
3 Simple Steps – 3 Days a Week
Step 1:   Take a deep breath
Step 2.    As you exhale pull your belly button inwards as much as you can and
hold 10-20 seconds. Visualize trying to touch your navel to your backbone.
Step 3.    Repeat

Weeks Exercise Seconds Sets
1-2 ABS 20 3
3-4 ABS 40 3
5+ ABS 60 3

Ab vacuums take practice, but they are extremely effective. Once mastered this exercise can be performed in a standing, kneeling, seated, and lying position.  You can increase the seconds held and sets depending on your fitness level.

Yes, this is exciting news, but it does take some practice to perfect and it should be included with healthy eating habits, adequate water intake, other exercise and cardio (since as advised this exercise does not increase ‘fat-burning’) and positive thinking.

Eat Right.  Exercise More. Think Positive. Sleep Well.

*perform this exercise responsibly while driving by using caution and good judgment.