Why Is Losing Weight That Difficult

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Help Lose Weight Scale Why Is Losing Weight That Difficult If you have ever tried to lose weight or succeeded losing it only to gain it back time and again you know all too well why losing weight is labeled as ‘difficult’ some may even say impossible.  After all, you certainly want to lose the weight and have the motivation you need to do so.

You probably know everything you need to do to in order to drop the pounds.  What’s holding you back may be the last few reasons you need to understand to answer the mystery of why it’s been so difficult.

Is it your attitude?   A bad or wrong attitude toward yourself or food could very well be holding you back.

Many turn to food for comfort for every one of the wrong reasons which in turn can become the enemy for some of the overweight individuals.

Sometimes food can be seen as something to fight against instead of seeing it as something that is delicious and nourishing.

Did you know that food is comforting for some and the enemy of others (though they both result in weight gain) might sound counter intuitive.

Are you part of group who love and practically worship food OR from the group that are fearful of it and hate it because of what it does to them?  Either way these are both very unhealthy attitudes towards food and both will lead to weight gain.

It’s time to adjust your attitude about food and understand that food is there to nourish you and make your body healthy.  Changing to this thinking will go a long way in helping you lose weight.

This can be a challenge when you feel you’re addicted to food or you’re stuck in a pattern of yo-yo dieting. This is all the more reason why finding a good weight loss program is essential.

Yet another reason it’s a challenge to lose weight is because you may have unrealistic expectations about weight loss or the amount of weight you should be losing each week.  You may also think it should be a lot easier and faster than it actually is for you.

Be kind to your body and mind. Keep in mind you did not gain the extra pounds it in a short period of time, therefore it is unrealistic to think you will lose them in a short period of time.

Having unrealistic expectations leads to a lot of frustration, which then leads to falling off your path to successful weight loss.

You can get so frustrated and may not be seeing the results you want to see that you can easily fall back into old habits.

Change your thinking… get rid of another unrealistic expectation you may have that it’s impossible to lose weight.  When you think that it’s impossible to lose weight you may never actually put in the effort that is required to do so.

The good news is that it is possible to lose weight when you have the right methods and the right attitude.

Step One:   Get your expectations in check is a before endeavoring on your weight loss journey.

Set your goals: I will lose 5 pounds by DATE vs. you want to lose 20 pounds.   Losing 5 will be faster and help keep you further motivated when you reach each milestone goal.

When you’re able to get your attitudes, expectations and belief factors under control and , it will be easier than ever for you to lose and keep it off.

You can do it.
Change your attitude.
Set your goals,
Believe in yourself.

Soon you’ll be 5 pounds lighter than you are today.

Repeat the process and before you know it you will drop the unwanted pounds.

Congratulations on your new attitude and being on your way to reaching your ideal weight

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