Healthy Tip: Eat & Drink Healthy on Mother’s Day

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Happy Mothers Day 300x169 Healthy Tip:   Eat & Drink Healthy on Mothers Day Just when the few pounds are off along comes another holiday where we could gain them all back.  This time we are speaking of Mother’s Day which is close to summer (bikini season!).   Be careful not to overindulge.  Everything in moderation will help you survive any Mom’s day weight gain.

Snack a little.  It is not a good idea to go to a family dinner gathering on a empty stomach.   Eat a light, healthy, low calorie snack before you go.   Have a look at a picture of yourself at your ideal weight… that will incentivize you to put the utensils and glass down.

Eat before you go. Never arrive to a dinner gathering on an empty stomach. Eat a healthy, low-calorie meal or snack before you arrive. That way, you won’t be tempted to overindulge.

Watch the beverages:  There is a lot of sugar in most beverages you will be served, especially in the ones with alcohol. The calories add up quickly and if you choose alcohol beverages it could lower your ability to make smart food choices.

Say no to seconds.  Chew slowly and then (when possible) push yourself away from the table to avoid the temptation for seconds, a little extra taste or leftovers.

Be active.  Regardless of the age range of your family there will always be some activity to keep the focus away from the food. How about sports or a family walk after dinner.

Our best wishes for a wonderful and Happy Mother’s day.  We’re sure all the Mom’s out there have earned it!

Disclaimer:  our comments and suggestions are not to be considered as medical or professional fitness or health advise. 

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