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HealthyEatingOut Eating Out Healthy It’s a minefield of high fat, high calorie, super salty choices but you can make eating out a healthy experience whether you’re dining out in a restaurant, choosing a drive through or having food delivered.   It doesn’t matter if you’re craving Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Indian or Thai food.   Enjoy it with a few modifications.

The key to eating being healthy is to keep your goals in mind.  Stay away from.. just tonight and tomorrow I will begin again.   Remember the food you’re craving today will be here in a few weeks from now when you reach you goal weight.

Adapt any or all of the following easy-to-follow tips can really help you go the extra mile and keep you on track.

  1. Meal Starters.  Start your meal with a veggie packed salad. This will control your hunger and make you feel satisfied faster.
  2. The restaurant plates and portions often tend to be large. When possible order an appetizer-sized portion or a side dish instead of an entrée.
  3. Portion Control: If the portion is oversize ask your server to pack ½ of it before you begin to start eating, keep it in a container and give it to you when he brings the check.  This really DOES work.  REFER TO PORTION CONTROL article
  4. Beverage choices. opt for water or unsweetened tea or other drinks without the sugar.
  5. Be in Control.   Ask your server to bring the dressings or sauces on the side to allow you to use only as much as you want.
  6. Say NO to fried or sautéed and YES to steamed, grilled or broiled dishes.
  7. Share.   I used to be able to eat more than I do now.  I find it helpful to order I entrée and share it with the person I am dining with.
  8. Special Needs.   Find out if the restaurant can reduce the salt or fats used in making your selection.  Ask for items steamed and take the sauce on the side.
  9. ‘Doggy Bag’ it.  It is not too late to take some home for later or tomorrow.  Your food selection will taste better when you only have to heat it up.
  10. When your food is delivered – refer to tip #3
  11. Order fresh fruit for dessert.

And finally resign from the ‘clean your plate club”  When you have eaten enough, STOP. Leave the rest.

Bon Appetite!

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