Weight Loss Strategies

Regardless of the weight loss program you select each of the programs featured on SkinnyTimes will help and support you along the way. Get ready to reach your goals using the following strategies,  Change your habits and rules and you…

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natures box

We Love Nature Box

Skinny Times is excited to present NatureBox and their over 100 healthy, delicious snacks. F E A T U R E D  S N A C K S Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops: These slightly salty, subtly sweet pretzel pops are…

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Raw Veggies

Health Tip: Go Raw

Cooking vegetables tends to destroy their nutrients and natural enzymes which help digestion and fighting off chronic disease.   Eating raw increases energy, provides higher nutritional value and often better mental clarity.   Eating raw foods most often requires more chewing which…

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Lemons As An Appetite Suppressant

When you have the urge to overeat which can play havoc with your trim figure you worked so hard to create try consuming lemons to defeat the urge to overeat. Lemons can help you suppress your appetite and reduce eating…

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Walking to Lose Pounds and Inches

A good walking regiment will definitely help you drop the unwanted pounds and inches when combined with a sensible diet. Moderate to vigorous intensity = the best benefits from exercise*** Walking added to fewer calories consumed through healthy dietary changes…

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Sigmund Frued

Consequences of Emotional Eating

Sometimes health risks are fueled by emotional eating which includes binge eating and overeating. Until we understand emotional or binge eating it is nearly impossible to successfully get rid of the unwanted weight.  It can also be the issues preventing...
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Buy Fresh.Buy Local

Enjoy Fresh Produce Year Round

Shop at Your Local Farmer’s Market Turn shopping at your local Farmer’s Market into a weekly every year round. Gather up your family and friends and make it a regular outing to visit the many neighborhood local Farmer’s Market of…

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Portion Control

Eat Food You Enjoy While Losing Weight

Yes!  Our title is jaw-dropping but the eat-what-you-want principle is completely true…with a few caveats. The key behind this bold statement is portion control. A great starting point is to follow the portion control guidelines shown here and selecting any…

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