Benefits of Drinking Water

When you want shiny hair, a healthier body and youthful skin you’ll need to start drinking sufficient amoutns of water.  We are made up of over 75% water.  It is important we drink sufficient water to keep the brain, body…

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Mediterranean Barbeque Pizza - The Summer Weight Loss tool

Mediterranean Pizza For The Grill

Print Mediterranean Pizza For The Grill Prep Time: 15 minutesTotal Time: 20 minutes Yield: 2 pizzas 10″ Serving Size: 2 slices Calories per serving: 217 Fat per serving: 9g Barbeque – The Summer Weight Loss Weapon. Enjoy it! Ingredients3.5 oz…

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Laughter can help make you thin.

Laugh Yourself Slim

Those of us who have been overweight know it can make us feel miserable.  Diet and exercise are crucial to help us shed the unwanted pounds and keep them off.  Did you know enjoying a good laugh can also help…

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Portions For Your Sonoma Diet Plate

The most flavorful weight loss plan under the sun is now online and customized! With more than 14 online tools, 500 recipes, and community support, the Sonoma Diet teaches members to lose weight by enjoying the right foods in the…

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barbells, apple, tape measure

Is It Possible to Change Your Metabolism?

YES you can change and speed up your metabolism.  Start to lose your unwanted pounds at the rate of 1-2 pounds per week in natural and healthy ways by not skipping meals and following a balanced nutrition and exercise plan….

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5 Ways to Break through Dreaded Weight Loss Plateaus

SkinnyTimes is proud to announce we’ve become a beach body coach and now offer the outstanding Beachbody products. Learn more about all the BEACHBODY products.       5 Ways to Break through Dreaded Weight Loss Plateaus Justine Holberg –…

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SkinnyTimes.Exercise Excuse

What’s Your Excuse For Not Exercising

We can all be creative with excuses why we do not exercise. These excuses serve a simple purpose: to get us out of exercising and to relieve some of the guilt associated with not doing what we said we were…

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Your Body On Diet Soda

Important message from Prevention News Illustration by Tantika Tivorat SOURCES Teeth: University of Michigan and Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine; Mood: American Academy of Neurology; Heart: American Heart Association; Metabolic Syndrome: Circulation; Kidneys: Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology; Weight: University of Texas…

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Driving and Weight Loss

Whether it is a short commute or days on the road it is important to be mindful of our eating habits while in the car.  Reminder:  what you eat in the car counts toward your daily calorie consumption. Spring and…

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Happy Mothers Day

Healthy Tip: Eat & Drink Healthy on Mother’s Day

Just when the few pounds are off along comes another holiday where we could gain them all back.  This time we are speaking of Mother’s Day which is close to summer (bikini season!).   Be careful not to overindulge.  Everything in…

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