Benefits of Drinking Water

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SkinnyTimes.WomanDrinkingCucumber Water 150x150 Benefits of Drinking Water When you want shiny hair, a healthier body and youthful skin you’ll need to start drinking sufficient amoutns of water.  We are made up of over 75% water.  It is important we drink sufficient water to keep the brain, body and muscles hydrated and functioning well.


Weight Loss. Since the body has difficulty distinguishing whether it is hungry or thirsty you have to help it. The next time you experience hunger pangs drink 2-3 glasses of water then wait about 20 minutes to see if you are stilling experiencing hunger pangs.

Aids in Digestion.  Drinking keeps your digestion on track by drinking water.   It helps break down food easier and softens your stools.

Vitality.   If you are feeling tired and your muscles are suffering from fatigue it is in indication that you dehydrated.  Did you know that if you get just 1% dehydrated, you’ll feel tired and your muscles will suffer from fatigue?

Energy If you are just 1% dehydrated, you’ll feel tired and your muscles will suffer from fatigue?

Diminish Cellulite When you hydrate your body from the inside out is it a natural way to plump your skin so the underlying fat cells that cause cellulite are not as visible.

Reducing Stress Studies have shown that listening to the sound of running water or waves reduce anxiety and stress

How much water should you drink each day?
The recommended amount of water to drink is 8-9 glasses (64 ounces) each day. You could also take your body weight (in pounds), divide that in half and drink that many ounces.  Ex. If you are 180 pounds you should drink 90 ounces.  Listen to your body and drink water throughout the day.

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