Barbeque. The Summer Weight Loss Weapon

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Memorial Day marks the official start of summer and we’re able to take mealtimes outdoors – one of the great perks of summer.

Here are some simple tricks to help you stick to whatever diet you have selected the next time you fire up your grill.  Always start with a hot, lightly sprayed with cooking oil before adding your food of choice.

Bar B Q.1 Barbeque.  The Summer Weight Loss Weapon Meat & Poultry
Start with the right cut of meat and portion control.    Remove all visible fat. Select either chicken without the skin, a lean cut of beef (try sirloin), burgers (85%) as well as a lean pork loin.  Portions should be about the size of the palm of your hand.

Grill Fish:
Choose a firm fish (salmon, swordfish that will not fall apart on the grill).  Make sure you purchase fish from a reputable seafood store to ensure you get a fresh catch.   Ask the fish store for suggestions as well.   Tip:  the grill must be very hot before you add the fish.  Also try lightly spraying the grill with cooking oil before adding the fish. You can also trying grilling a whole fish… about 8 to 10 minutes on each side.

Move over, meat: it’s time to grill some veggies.  Let alone do they cook quickly, they are delicious with a hint of smoke from the grill.   Also, there is no need to panic if they are over or underdone in the middle. Generally you can tell just by looking at them.

Skip the marinade and try a rub or seasoning salt instead. They are a wonderful ways to add flavor without all the calories and they really bring out the great flavors of the rub and the meat, fish or vegetable it’s on.  Completely coat both sides before placing in on the grill.
Tip:  if you are concerned about food sticking to the grill.   Lightly brush some oil on the grill prior to adding food.

Bar.B.Q.Peaches Barbeque.  The Summer Weight Loss Weapon Grill Your Fruit.  It is definitely worth a try – you’ll be in for a treat.  Firmer fruit such as peaches, pineapple and pears are a good choice.  Grilling fruit brings out the smoky flavors that you may not have tasted in your favorite fruit.
Tip:  lightly brush down the grill before adding your fruit to avoid it taking on the flavors of previous grilled foods.
How To:  I like to cut the fruit in half,  remove the pit, baste with a little honey, brown sugar and mint before placing it on the grill. Fruit grills quickly—just 3 to 4 minutes on medium-high heat.   Eat alone or serve with a dollop of frozen yogurt of ice cream.

Dollop is defined as a small portion of a solid matter:  a dollop of ice cream.

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